All Homes Contracted Beginning June 1st Will Include Super Efficiencies

With continued emphasis on the Tampa Bay marketplace, the focus will remain on hurricane-resistant, high quality constructed homes, along with a greater commitment to energy efficiency. Builder Chris Wicks states, “It’s great that we have found all these new resources for energy across our country but we shouldn’t take our eyes off the ball from the real prize – conservation. Conservation should be our first and foremost goal – collectively.”

“As the local, premier, ON YOUR LOT home builder, we have decided to take the lead. Although it is a competitive industry and can be difficult when competing in a price-driven market, we have made great strides in finding cost effective ways of incorporating super high efficiencies into our homes, with our new home owners’ benefits in mind – their consistent energy cost savings as well as their resale values.”

In addition to the already included R30 and foil-backed wall insulation, exceptional items that Rotunda will be including in their energy efficient standards are:

  1. Radiant heat barriers – these barriers are typically installed during construction in the home’s attic. They greatly reduce heat gain, particularly throughout Florida’s extended summers. Radiant barriers are made of reflective foils that do a great job of reflecting radiant heat and can go a long way in reducing energy costs. These barriers will pay for themselves in a relatively short period of time.
  2. Hybrid hot water heaters – this new technology can dramatically reduce your electric bill and raise the efficiency of your home’s hot water heater. Using a heat pump in a hybrid configuration reduces the hot water heater’s dependency on inefficient resistance heat.
  3. Sprinkler system rain sensors – do you sometimes look outside your window when it’s raining and see sprinklers running? Water is a treasured resource – and expensive! Through the installation of rain sensors home owners can save money and participate in water conservation.
  4. Programmable thermostats – these will provide comfort and help save energy. By allowing home owners to reduce energy consumption while not at home, or not utilize expensive energy during peak hours, our homes can be more comfortable and energy efficient with a little help from a friendly thermostat.
  5. Energy Star appliances – these are U.S. Environmental Protection Agency rated appliances designed to reduce year-over-year energy costs.


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