Benefits of our Upgraded Soft Close Cabinet Doors and Drawers

How often do you go to close a cabinet door or drawer and it slams shut, creating that stifling sound that makes you and possibly, your guests jump out of their seat? If you’re like the millions of people without soft-close hinges, then it probably happens more often than you’d like it to. Not to mention, the “hip-bump” technique to close a cabinet drawer usually resulting in that same loud bang.

We have a solution for all that noise! Soft Close cabinet doors and drawers!!

Let’s look at a few reasons we only install our upgraded cabinets and drawers with the soft close feature!


Starting with the obvious benefit, with upgraded soft-close hardware products, you never have to worry about slamming your cabinet doors shut ever again. That means late night trips to the kitchen can be your secret, a little too much strength doesn’t make a loud noise, children don’t have to be told not to slam the doors, just to name a few benefits of the soft close drawers and doors.


When you slam a drawer you often send everything inside flying about, making your utensils drawer into a junk drawer in seconds flat. Moreover, if you have glass inlays in your cabinet doors or fragile household items behind those doors, you can potentially be cleaning up some broken glass after a hard close. Soft-close door and cabinet hardware can make sure your china stays intact.


You slam the drawer shut without realizing your finger was in the way or worse, your child’s finger was in the way. Not a fun or pleasant experience in any case. Soft close cabinet door hinges and drawer slides can help protect everyone’s fingers from an accidental and painful pinch.

Adding soft close cabinets and drawers can provide numerous benefits to your kitchen as well as the integrity of your cabinetry.

Soft close drawers and doors are one of the many items included on our standard features list.  If you would like to look at the entire list, it is located on our website page.

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