Building New vs. Buying Old

The Lakeview at Sunset

The Lakeview

Building a new home has many advantages over buying an existing one. A new, custom home can be equivalent with regard to the purchase price of an existing older home, however, with a new home there are no maintenance concerns – your home comes completely warrantied and will be constructed with high quality materials and professional craftsmanship.  There are no worries about needing a new air conditioning system, or plumbing problems, or any other issue that will surely arise with an existing older home.

Your new home can be fully customized – there’s no need to purchase space you don’t need or doing without space you do need. Your new custom home can take advantage of your property’s attributes, i.e., views, placement of home for a larger backyard or front yard, and provide you with a layout that functions perfectly for you and your family.

With the ability to add closets, expand garages, perhaps provide a pool bath or include a fireplace, your home can be tailored specifically for you. If it’s a large, working kitchen, or garage with a workshop, your budget can be directed as you wish. The exterior and appearance can be designed and built with your input for the best “street appeal”.

Homes built to today’s building and hurricane codes are far more energy efficient than in years past. The pure joy of moving into a clean, never-before-lived-in home can be extremely rewarding.

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