Customization Is Key

ROTUNDA HOMES is among the select few, new home builders who are not just willing to customize and modify their home plans – they actually encourage it!

Chris Wicks, President, states, “Our staff has tremendous experience in the expert implementation of modifying and customizing our homes, or they can start from scratch. My design team is top notch.”

“Other builders may offer services similar to ours but in reality they may allow only a minor change or two or perhaps some color options. We encourage modifications from our new home customers, who typically know what they want as well as the extent of their budgets. We build for them, as well as for those who want our models as they are or slightly changed, all for about the same price.”

At Rotunda Homes, new home buyers are shown ideas and styles that have been learned from their vast experience in the custom home building industry – ideas such as space-saving techniques, energy savings and better use of square footage; style ideas such as architectural enhancements, and ergonomic designs.

There is also the option known as “Design/Build”, a method of home design where one can choose a favorite kitchen from one model’s floor plan, a perfect master bedroom from another and the pool bath from yet another plan. This is just the start of what unitized construction allows, with the benefit of cost savings.

So, what customer is the right fit for Rotunda Homes? They are new home buyers who have specific wants or special needs, hobbyists, home office or teleworkers, or perhaps those who may need to accommodate elderly parents. They are also folks who are downsizing – the newly retired or recent empty-nesters. Car won’t fit in a standard garage? Rotunda Homes can enlarge it. Need more closet space? Done! Have a student who needs a larger bedroom, study space, a desk or drafting table, the possibilities are endless!

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