Preparing your home for sale or just simply want to increase its value

There are certain improvements that are definitely worth their cost and others that are not. Here are a few great tips in assisting you as you decide which is the best route to go.

  1. Kitchen
    A state of the art kitchen is one of the most popular renovations for earning back most, if not all, of its investment. Even if you don’t fully renovate, certain upgrades –granite counters, hardwood or high-end tile floors, premium appliances (especially stainless steel), islands and under-mount sinks — attract attention and can increase value.
  2. Bathrooms
    Redoing a bathroom is a great idea when trying to add value to your current home. Update the cabinetry, replace countertops to add culture marble or granite, install new floor tile, and you can even redo your shower tile if needed. Also look into great buys on new plumbing fixtures and/or light fixtures. This will surely catch your guests attention.
  3. Hardwood floors
    Hardwood floors are very popular with buyers especially in the main living space of the home. If your current floors are worn, have them lightly sanded and refinished. If they’re very beaten up consider replacing them. If hardwood is too expensive for your budget consider a higher end laminate.
  4. Master Suite
    If your master bedroom is a bit boring or out dated, it’s worth upgrading. Think about installing things like a whirlpool or air jet tub, separate shower with a rain shower head, double sinks or upgraded plumbing fixtures with contemporary finishes. Heated floors are always on good investment as well.
  5. Upgraded lighting
    Out of date lighting fixtures can be easily replaced with more contemporary styles such as smaller cans or halogen track lights. Replace old overhead lighting with new fixtures or install them in rooms that don’t have any.
  6. Landscaping
    A well-maintained garden with attractive plantings, pavers, and features such as solar or spot lighting, add an elegant look to any size home. Make sure you sod is well maintained treated. Curb appeal is everything.
  7. Front porch
    If you can, add a full front porch or replace/repair the one you have if it isn’t in top condition; if not, a portico which is a smaller porch that shelters the front door can be a worthy substitute or add a deck in the back. These are great for entertaining guests or great for simply relaxing.
  8. Adding a bedroom
    A four-bedroom house is more attractive and worth more in the current market. Consider dividing a large bedroom into two small ones, just don’t make it too small or it can have the opposite effect. Alternatively, consider converting an upstairs den or sitting room into a bedroom. Remember you must add a closet for it to be considered a bedroom for resale reasons.These are just a few simple things to add value to your home!

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