The Value of a Timeless Design

When viewing home designs in the marketplace, for some there is nothing wrong with communities in which the builder has constructed 3 or 4 different models, and that’s all that is available. People have painted their homes a variety of similar colors and the emphasis on individuality comes in the form of landscaping. Typically you will find this in heavily deed restricted communities. The upside is uniformity, cleanliness, well-groomed yards; it is pleasant and will keep your property values strong. The downside is everything is so much the same. You can certainly “date” a community this way.

Now, “On-Your-Lots”, or open communities where you can bring your own builder, end up looking completely different. Frequently these communities consist of larger lots and homes will vary (within reason), as there is usually a minimum square footage requirement. This keeps someone from building a little, tract-style house in a community with larger, custom homes.

We here at Rotunda Homes have far more experience with the latter. Typically we find our customers are a little more involved with the process, have unique ideas, certain housing needs and are not willing to conform to a heavily deed restricted community’s requirements. Ours are not your standard, subdivision, cookie-cutter house. Ours are as unique as their owners.

Custom homes do not need to be large to be different. But they should have an appearance – they should “fit” comfortably on their home site as well as with the other homes in the community. There’s a lot to consider. When considering exterior choices new home buyers are often restricted to limited selections by new home builders. Some options to consider: 1) roof pitches – the steeper the roof the more expensive it can be, but it can also make quite a statement and separate your home from the pack; 2) window shapes, sizes & quantity – certainly these affect the appearance of your home and can “date” your home, be careful to not fall into the trap of selecting from current trends; 3) exterior finishes are very important – siding, stucco, stone, wood, brick, vinyl – any or a combination of these can be appropriate, add value and make a dramatic statement; 4) overall design – this will probably be the most influential decision a new home buyer will make. Choices include Contemporary, Florida Traditional, Craftsman, Key West, Split Level – the possibilities are endless. Assuming your wish to stay true to your chosen design, choices you will make on every component will enhance the overall design – the soffit size and shape, door sizes, landscaping, garage placement, wall heights, and so on. We at Rotunda Homes have a great deal of experience and give you the flexibility to reproduce the vision you have of your new custom home.

Whether building in Hillsborough, Pasco or Hernando, there are numerous choices for communities to accommodate this On Your Lot concept. Pinellas and Manatee counties have less home site options remaining. Citrus and Inverness are rather rural and therefore wide open. If you feel this process may be of interest to you, we may be able to help you find your home site in your perfect community.

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