February 2020 – I love my house and would build with Rotunda Homes again! My house was built three years ago and they still know me by name! ~ Sabrina Koebler

January 2020 – Rotunda built me the most beautiful, elegant, cozy home! It is absolutely stunning. The interior and exterior of the home is of high quality and worth the value.
Also, the Rotunda team operates as a family. They are a warm and welcoming group of professionals. Their honesty from the beginning established a trust throughout the process. Furthermore, my Super, James Sharpe, was very responsive and punctual to all my concerns.
I love the Rotunda Homes family and recommend them to anyone looking to build their perfect home.  ~ Claudette Graves

January 2020 – Easy to get home built long distance. Pleasant owner and staff. Timely in getting work done. ~ Shoba Joshi

January 2020 – Rotunda Homes built my home two years ago and it was a great experience. Finding the right builder can be an arduous process. Rotunda fit the bill for me. The value and quality were the best of all the builders I interviewed. The owners and employees were honest and accommodating. There are always a few surprises when building but Rotunda went the extra mile to be fair in these unexpected situations. My on-site supervisor was beyond expectations! Ed did everything to keep me completely informed of every step along the way. He never failed to answer his phone and address all my questions personally and promptly. He personified best practice in custom construction and professionalism! ~ Janice Kurtz

January 2020 – We would like to recommend Rotunda Homes as a excellent home builder. We had prior experience in having a home constructed and found Rotunda far superior than our previous home builders. Tracy and Craig were very helpful in planning and designing the many features we wished for. Construction was about what we expected with the many sub-contractors that are used these days. Some were outstanding and a few were average at best. Our home was constructed on a hill which gave a new twist to the average Florida home. Unfortunately, with a very wet summer Rotunda had to deal with many rain washouts and extra worries that most home lots would not have. Our sincere thanks and gratitude go to our building supervisor, Ed Frenette. Ed not only had to deal with mother nature’s constant setbacks but also very demanding customers as well. He would promptly return our calls to answer any questions or concerns we had. For these reasons we are pleased to offer Rotunda Homes a five-star rating.  ~ Len Genco

December 2019 – We hired Rotunda Homes to build our dream home. Their craftsmanship is excellent and we are extremely pleased with the result. ~ Jessie Darmanin

December 2019 – This home builder made our dreams a reality. My family and I are so grateful to have such an amazing team fully exceed all of our expectations. Craig, Chris, Luisa, and EDDIE; THANK YOU SO MUCH! You really do become part of this family.  ~ Jon Butts

December 2019 – We cannot say enough about our home building experience with Rotunda Homes. We had our own lot and we were in the process of selling our condo during construction of our new home. Of course, our condo sold faster than expected which left us in a bind. Chris and Rotunda’s staff did everything they could possibly do to speed up production to get us into our new home while still maintaining the quality we were expecting.
We left them alone to do their work and expected there would be some minor hiccups along the way but anything that came up was promptly rectified. We put our trust in our builder and we were not left disappointed at all.
There are so many we could thank from the design process to the time we walked through the front door. A thanks to all of you at Rotunda Homes that made our little dream home happen, but a special thanks to Chris and Eddie for your hard work in the field. It did not go unnoticed.
If you are looking for a great builder who cares about their customers, look no further. Trust in them, let them do their jobs, and you will be a happy customer in the end.  ~ Kerry & Jean

December 2019 – It was a pleasure working with all the people at Rotunda. They got back to me quickly when I had questions. They were very easy to work with. The contractors they use are very help when making selections. Our house turned out really beautiful and if I had to do it all over again I would have them build it. I would recommend them to others and I have already recommended them a few times.  ~ Elizabeth McGowin 

November 2019 – In February 2018 my husband and I moved into our new custom-built Rotunda home. The home is unique and beautiful. Everyone that visits are impressed with our home’s several added features which Sherry helped us put in the design: cabinetry hardware and color coordination with floors and walls. The lovely tray ceilings which are standard are a big hit.
Several knowledgeable persons have commented that the house is very well constructed.

Rotunda’s strong point includes the friendly and caring staff especially superintendent Eddie and designer Sherry. Rotunda has stood behind their product. Their warranty is excellent. They have responded promptly when we have raised concerns and have sent subcontractors back readily.

We have seen other Rotunda homes going up in our neighborhood and learned that one hired Rotunda because they loved our home design.  ~ Julia Younce

October 2019 – We love our custom home built by Rotunda. Some hiccups with communication with office staff, but they worked hard to keep us happy. Eddie was our superintendent and he is the reason we would use Rotunda again. We are 10 months past closing and he still returns contact immediately and comes to fix or address anything with the house. ~ Tera Cox

September 2019 – What you need to know, and here’s our story. My wife and I have built 5 homes at different times throughout the years to suit our changing needs. Finally, after accessing our needs we decided to embark one more adventure of building a new home. Over the past 2 years, we drew sketch and sketch of different layouts until we finally had the perfect design for us. We then began with diligence to research and interview custom builders in our area. We finally chose Rotunda Homes, Custom Builders.

In our first meeting Craig, the Director, cordially introduced us to his staff and we discussed what our intentions and needs were. In our subsequent meetings we decided Rotunda was going to build our future home because we felt they were the best suited for us. There were many reasons for our decision, with one being the fact that several items on our wish list would have been upgrades with other builders, but were standard with Rotunda, therefore we did not have to incur additional expenses.

Our experience with Rotunda was not without some setbacks that were beyond their control, which is what we also experienced with other builders in the past. Unfortunately, this is the nature of the business. However, it was different with Rotunda. When issues occurred, they were not ignored and were attended to as expeditiously as possible without drama. We were always kept informed which is the difference between a good builder and an excellent builder (communication).

Rotunda’s staff was friendly, respectful and responsive throughout this process. Our Superintendent (Val M.) was attentive in ensuring that the quality of work was done correctly. He is a true asset to Rotunda. Mr. Chris Wicks, President of Rotunda, was never beyond reach to us. He took pride in building our home. I am without doubt that what he has done for us he has also done for other homeowners like us. Mr. Wicks, it is without exception and with sincere respect that I say you have made our dream home come true.

It is my pleasure to tell anyone who is contemplating building a home and has the need to know that Rotunda Custom Home Builders are the ones. They are the best and I give them the highest recommendation possible.  ~ Al Carroccetto

July 2019 – I had a house built by Rotunda Homes. They are very easy to work with, they take home building and make the process smooth and headache free. They are professional, friendly, and their homes are of high quality. ~ Patricia French

July 2019 – We love the house Rotunda Homes built for us. They were easy to work with and very accommodating when we decided to make changes. No hidden costs or surprises. Would highly recommend them. ~ Don Waitt

February 2019 – We loved our experience with Rotunda Homes. From initial planning to final walk through our superintendent Ed was on point with the subs to make sure everything was perfect. We told our neighbors and 5 of them are using Rotunda. Go Rotunda…..~ Dr. Kevin Smith

November 2018 – From start to finish our experience with Rotunda Homes was wonderful.  Craig and Tracy, along with our architect, Gary, took our vision and made it our dream home.  Sherry and Troy were amazing to work with and made that dream a reality.  We would very highly recommend Rotunda Homes.  Chad and Janet Christiansen

October 2018 – The entire Rotunda staff was always very professional and very prompt in returning calls, texts, or emails.  Our house is very high quality.  Guests comment on the quality of all the small details, baseboards, corners, paint, windows, and even the sod.  We will be forever grateful for Rotunda Staff.  ~ Karen Thompson and Jim Turner

August 2018 – We were so excited to move into our new home four months ago. We chose Rotunda Homes because quality construction is their standard. We did not have to upgrade to get quality workmanship and materials. With the help of Craig and Shane, we were able to design the floor plan of our dreams. They were both so knowledgeable about the design process and provided suggestions and options to make sure the house fit our exact needs. Both of the supervisors on our project, Troy and James, were great to work with. They were always available and responded to our questions and concerns. They kept us informed about the progress and next steps. Sifting through all the design options once construction got underway seemed like a daunting task, but Sherry helped us make choices about color schemes, cabinets, flooring, etc. We would not have been able to make those decisions without her expertise. Troy has continued to assist when problems arose once we were moved in. We love the warranty and the fact that we can call them when something isn’t working right. We are so happy to be in our new home and would definitely recommend Rotunda to anyone looking for a quality home.  ~ Bob and Lori Goehrig

May 2018 – My husband and I met with several builders before we met with Rotunda Homes.  After meeting with Craig and the Rotunda team, we both left our meeting and felt that Rotunda really listened to what we wanted in regards to building our dream home.  Unlike some other builders who tried to convince us to build what they thought was best.  Quickly we decided that Rotunda was our choice for our builder.  Craig was very informative, friendly and did a great job at answering all of our questions during the contract phase.    Shane did a fantastic job with the building plans.  He listened to what we wanted and was able to design it into our dream home.  He was patient with all of our changes and met with us many times to make sure everything was exactly the way we wanted it.  Dean was assigned as our supervisor for the job.  He did a fantastic job keeping us well informed of what was happening at each stage of the project.  He called us often asking our opinion on how we wanted something to be done.  He was extremely patient with our numerous phone calls to him asking a million questions.  Dean is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the building process and if he didn’t have an answer for us immediately, he followed up and got back to us in a timely manner.  Dean is a very valuable asset to Rotunda Homes and their success.  Luisa was extremely pleasant and was very accurate with her bookkeeping.  Everything that was laid out to us during the contract phase was precise and accurate throughout the billing process.  If there was ever a discrepancy due to sub-contractors additional billing, she would quickly get to the bottom of it and get back to me.  If a sub-contractor did anything that wasn’t up to the standards of Rotunda Homes, Chris met with them and made sure they fixed the issue promptly and to our satisfaction and also to his satisfaction.  There was one occasion where we were not happy with the outcome of where our posts were positioned on our wrap around porch.  Chris came out and met with us and agreed to add a decorative paver around the porch to fix the problem at his expense.  That is truly someone that puts customer satisfaction above his personal gain.  We will and already have highly recommended Rotunda Homes to others.   Sincerely,  ~ Dala and Larry Newsome

November 2017 – Three years ago I had the pleasure of using Rotunda Homes to custom build my home in Inverness, FL.  The workmanship and work ethics were superior and I couldn’t have asked for a better builder or more beautiful home.  Every time I walk in my door I smile thanks to them.  I recently had a window that needed repair and Mr. Chris Wicks took care of it at his own expense.  How many builders these days would to that?  Kudos again to Chris and his team for always doing a superb job!  IF YOU GET THE CHANCE TO USE ROTUNDA HOMES, YOU’LL BE VERY PLEASED WITH EVERYTHING THEY DO.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!  Thanks again.  ~ Pamela Cassell

August 2017 – We completed our Rotunda home 4 months ago and I must say we are very happy with the outcome. We did a completely custom floor plan due to a challenging lot layout that the team worked hard to make sure we had everything we wanted in the plan. There are inevitable little issues that crop up along the way, especially with a “one-off” floor plan. There was not a single item that I brought up to Ed the super that was not addressed quickly. Ed helped us with one particular improvement that did not look possible in the design stage. Once he saw during construction that it could be done, he made the change, which ended up being a huge improvement in the design. By the time we got to close, there was no punch list. Ed and Rotunda had high standards for subcontractors and it is comforting to know they are acting in the customer’s best interests. By the way, when you start researching builders, as soon as you meet Craig, Luisa, Sherry, and the team, you will know you have found the right partner to build your home!”  ~ Brian & Susan

August 2017 – We are so pleased Rotunda Homes built our dream home.  The idea of building your own custom home can seem overwhelming.  You and your team have the expertise to foresee issues, bring them to light (thank you Gary) and make the process easy.  We were a bit nervous being out of state during most of the construction process but we were kept well informed along the way.  After the project was completed and we had a few minor issues, you didn’t forget about us, everything was completed to our expectations and above.  All of your employees care and take pride in their work.  You’ve put together a great team.  They are extremely helpful and are all around great people.  We love our home, loved working with Rotunda.  If we were to build again, it would be with Rotunda.  Special thanks to Sheri and all her help.  She’s the best!  ~ Jim & Carolyn Stevens

July 2017 – Just wanted to get back to you on our beautiful Rotunda home. The quality materials and great workmanship every step of the way made us feel confident that our house would be solid. We really appreciated having a designated supervisor that we could readily connect with (at any time!) as our custom house was in progress. Craig, thanks so much for working with us to design a home that would fit on our lot, preserve the beautiful Live Oaks and fit our budget. The floor plan turned out to be exactly what we wanted and better than I could ever have hoped for — (great job Shane). I’m pretty sure no other builder would have gone to that great length and still make it affordable. Our house is quiet and buffered from outside noise. Our electric bills are less than our previous smaller house and the climate control is sooooo much better! So, thanks to all of you that made building our new home as smooth as possible with a fantastic end product.  ~ Phyllis and Chuck Mura

May 22, 2017 – I recently completed a home with Rotunda Homes. Rotunda worked with integrity in mind every step of the way. They built a superior home with a personalized experience for me throughout the process. Ed, my super, did an outstanding job. He went above and beyond – from the slab pour to the closing and beyond. His ability to communicate was phenomenal. I felt very secure that all facets of construction were done correctly. Ed kept everything on schedule and never neglected to return a call, respond to a text or follow through on finding a solution to any situation that arose. I quickly came to understand that I could trust my super’s word as well as his judgement. Throughout the entire building process, Rotunda did their best to make certain that the final product was completed according to high quality standards and to my expectations. Sherry, Rotunda’s design consultant, was a joy to work with as well. She had superb design ideas but also made certain that she guided my own vision for my new home. Rotunda works hard to build a beautiful home and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Rotunda to a friend or to build with them again in the future.  ~ JBK, Land O Lakes

May 15, 2017 – It Started in March of 2015 when my wife and I were searching for a Custom Builder to build our dream home. We selected Rotunda Homes based on the quality and creative homes they have built.

Unfortunately, the sale of our home up north took longer than anticipated, however Craig Fiebe and his wife Louisa were patient and in constant communication with all the protocols and ever changing code updates. Our home finally sold and Rotunda broke ground February 2017.

My wife and I chose a unique design, we combined portions of three of their many models. You can just imagine the modifications on the blueprints that took place. Being a Custom Builder, they accommodated our requirements.

Chris Wicks, Owner/President was always working the field with a constant eye overseeing the construction. We challenged Chris with minor changes while the house was under being built and he made them happen.

Sherry Wicks, their Design Consultant was a tremendous help to my wife tying up all the many details from choosing door handles, cabinets, plumbing fixtures, granite, tiles, pavers to paint colors. We drove her nuts, but what a sweetheart and the end result is perfect.

Ed Frenette our Construction supervisor was at the job site daily. He was adamant in making sure all the sub-contractors completed their jobs to specifications. He was tough and I was glad he had my back.

Thanks Craig, Chris, Louisa, Sherry and Ed for making our dream house a beautiful home.  ~ Judy and Rosario Pecoraro

March 21, 2017 – So far, building this home has been less stressful than selling our older home. The Fiebes have been wonderful in answering all questions, their architect Shane was super in developing our plans, and our supervisor Ed is very knowledgeable and keeps the subs on task. The quality of the work to date is far better than I anticipated. My family can’t wait to be in our new lakefront home. This will be our last move until we visit the good Lord!!!!  ~ Kevin Smith

February 20, 2017 – We want to thank you for building our dream home. The whole process was very fun and exciting; everyone in your company was so helpful in getting our house completed exactly how we wanted. We looked at other builders before choosing Rotunda Homes and we are so glad we did.  ~ Shawn & Stacey Roberts

September 8, 2016 – As a Rotunda Homes customer we were amazed that everyone there was very courteous and pleasant to work with from the start to the finish of our home.  We are very satisfied with the workmanship and quality of our home.  We had our own blueprints and they went above and beyond to work with us to build the house the way we wanted it.  The completion of it was done well before we thought it would be.  We would recommend Rotunda Homes to build your home too.  Great job Rotunda Homes.  ~ The Whaleys

August 31, 2016 – Since we were living in Ohio at the time our new Rotunda home was being built, we had to rely on Chris Wicks to make decisions for us during some of the building process.  With the almost daily pictures and emails from Chris, we felt we were onsite.  We couldn’t be more pleased if we had been onsite to decide things.  Since this is our forever home, we were very picky in what we wanted…..we didn’t want to go high end on most things but we figured that this was essentially our dream home, and we wanted what we wanted.  Love, love the open concept but it may not be for everyone…..because although you can see all around you while in the kitchen…..the cooking sounds do carry thru, just a little thing…..we are still happy that we went that route.  If this wasn’t our forever home, we would hire Rotunda Homes to build our new home again.  As you can gather from this note, we really do like our home.  We have the Summerbreeze HL and it is the perfect size for Joe and I.  Because we are both retirees, and have the time to clean, we don’t have too much house to make cleaning a full time job!  Carrol & Joe Algeri

August 25, 2016 – I researched builders for a few years.  We had purchased property, and knew we would be building eventually.  I saw a few house designs that I really liked, visited many spec homes, and kept looking.  I wanted quality, not necessarily quantity.  I found Rotunda Homes and loved their design features.  I also compared their standard specs with other builders and they were simply better.  I contacted them, and a meeting was set up.  To start off with, they were very, very tolerant of our schedule, which is very busy.  They accommodated us at every meeting!  We first met with Craig and Luisa and then Chris, they were all so welcoming, friendly, HELPFUL, and made us feel like family!  They made this daunting process easy.  They allowed us to design what we wanted, exclude what we didn’t, and helped make this house a reality.  Everyone I knew said, “Once you build a house…it’s great…but you’ll never go through that again!”  Not the case with us, it was fun, exciting, and Ed (our go to guy) made it easy and is an all-around great guy.  Any questions I had, he was ready for, and he never made me feel silly, and really made sure the house was built to his and our standards!  Sherry was so patient with our schedule and the tedious process of design.  Chris was available anytime, and always answered me quickly.  He is awesome!  I’m so proud of our home!  I’d recommend Rotunda Homes any day and would use them again, if we ever build again.  My husband has ideas…so we may be using them sooner rather than later!  Thank you to our Rotunda team, we love our house!  XOXO  ~Sabrina Koebler

          In March 2016, we closed on our custom dream home built by Rotunda Homes, and we could not be any happier! From the beginning design, during selection process, and through the building process, Rotunda Homes listened to us and were extremely attentive. The Rotunda team’s experience and knowledge allowed us to build the EXACT home we wanted.   We are very pleased with the high quality of construction, attention to detail, and timely communication. Chris, Craig and Luisa are friendly and professional, and were a joy with work with!  Without reservation, we highly recommend Rotunda Homes!  ~Dr. and Mrs. George Boyd

Happy New Year and best wishes for the new year. Thank you for building our new home, we love it so much. God blessed us with the financial ability to take on the project and with the both of you to build our home and fulfill our dreams. Shannon and I hope 2016 will be a stellar year for your company.  Best Regards, ~John and Shannon Huet

     Jay and I moved into our Rotunda built house last July and we could not be happier with our new home.

Our search for a builder led us to a meeting with Craig, Chris and Louisa. We came away feeling that they were very nice, down to earth people.  Meetings that followed, to work on details of our house, led us to believe that we were working with honest, professional and knowledgeable people.  It was clear that they had developed a system for building their homes that made for a smooth process and peace of mind for us.  We were able to visit the construction site frequently so we saw the quality that they put into our home. Chris was wonderful to work with and if we had any questions he addressed those matters immediately.  When you talk to people who have had a house built, you can hear a lot of horror stories.  Not true with Rotunda.  Jay and I felt that we could not have had a more pleasurable experience building a home.  Thank you Craig, Chris and Louisa.  ~Jay & Gina Schmidt

   I was fortunate enough to find a great home builder, Chris Wicks, President, Rotunda Homes, Inc. He built a great home for me which I have enjoyed from day one, during construction and since completion. I was having Chris build it for me while I lived 900 miles away! He kept me abreast of the entire building process on a daily basis including weekends, sent me pictures, and communicated with me daily and often times more than once daily. He gave me plenty of opportunities to make my selections, to change my mind as I needed to, until I was comfortable with my selections of everything that went into the home. He was always pleasant, kind, and very interested in my satisfaction of the final product. He gave me advise on an on-going basis without pressuring me, and allowing me make my decisions in comfort. I am very pleased with the whole process of building long-distance, which I had never done previously, although I had a home built for me on four other occasions. Chris has used great craftsmanship on everything in the home, he took extra care to assure high quality and safety. I have still not moved in yet, but when I do, I am sure I will enjoy my home to the fullest. I am sure he will always be available to me for future advise and for any additions or changes I may need. Based on my experience with building of my home, I am recommending Chris Wicks highly, without reservation, to anyone who wants a great builder!
Best wishes.  ~Shobha Joshi

    I am writing this letter to address the folks out there who may be considering building with Rotunda Homes. I will go ahead and admit that I am getting up there in my years and that being said, I needed a little help. My daughter and her husband decided to move in to help me out. In order for this to work out, we needed to remodel literally half of my existing home. After talking to many home builders and remodelers, I decided to hire Rotunda Homes to take on this task. The owner, Chris Wicks was very personable and easy to talk to. I really felt like he had my best interests at heart and his pricing was terrific for everything we decided to put into the house. It is my belief that a remodel of this magnitude is really where you find out what your home builder is made of. I say this because they don’t have to come in and just build, they have to build with you living at the home, while being respectful of our everyday lives and the things we value in our home. Rotunda Homes was all that and more! They were always prompt and were there when they said they would be there. They went through the extra effort of thoroughly taping off and covering everything to minimize any dust and dirt that was created. The workers that came to the house were very professional and they took pride in their craftsmanship. My finished home is a shining example of that. I couldn’t believe that they were able to tear out everything and make it look so beautiful in such a short time.
I hear horror stories all the time about builders and the things that go wrong, but I decided to sit down and write this letter because I want people to know when things go right for a change. We get a lot of compliments from friends and family that have come in, and they are shocked in the difference of how wonderful our home looks now. Rotunda Homes was the first and best decision we made to begin our remodel. We have not had to call them back for anything but I am sure that if I needed to, Chris and his team would be there without a doubt and we would certainly welcome them back. As you shop around, remember this story and start your new home or remodel with a decision you will be happy with. Rotunda Homes, we will see you guys on our next building project! Thanks so much for everything.  Sincerely,  ~ Theresa Speth

    In 2009, we embarked on what we thought would be a simple mission to find a builder for a property in Dunnellon, Florida for my mother’s 2nd home.

We went through 2 builders before we found Chris Wicks and Rotunda Homes. During the whole process, there were many changes and challenges along the way. Chris immediately saw positive ways to make the home even better. He took the ceiling to 10 ft, added larger doors, and other changes to the plans that surpassed our expectations!

The 2 prior builders we were working with chose to take everything out of the home to get us ‘in budget’ and left us with what would be a shell of a home and a waste of construction. Chris chose a different path and helped us by presenting realistic and aesthetic options to get us what we needed and wanted within the budget.

By far the most challenging part of this construction was the financing. We had been approved for financing with one lender and gone all the way to actual closing before they pulled a fast one and we had to start all over. Most builders would have given up and walked away, but through it all, and what took almost 2 years of issues, planning, banks, etc., Chris and his assistant Leanne kept their patience, professionalism and above all they are always joyful.

It’s easy to tell when someone hates their job, but to find someone – anyone…who actually LOVES what they do is extremely difficult. There were no cutting corners on our project. Every single part of this home shows the pride Chris and Rotunda Homes takes in what they build.

Throughout the whole process, as we reside over 4 hours from the construction site, Chris sent pictures almost daily and called or texted us to make sure that what was going on was what we wanted. Though we traveled to the site every other week, there is nothing more re-assuring than knowing that your builder knows EXACTLY what you want.

In the end the home has exceeded what we even envisioned! And as a Realtor working with existing home sales, and having been through 2 other new home constructions in our family, this construction project was very calm, without any hitches and even more….HE PASSED EVERY SINGLE COUNTY INSPECTION THE FIRST TIME!!!

Our experience was nothing like the nightmares you hear about from other people who have built homes! Even after the completion of the home, Chris has gone back to the home to take care of odds and ends for us and we truly consider him a friend! We highly recommend Chris, Leanne and his team at Rotunda Homes for your new home. It’s the best decision you will ever make for the most expensive purchase of your life! It is so wonderful when you get it right the first time! Thanks Chris!  ~ Ann-Marie Bortz

Our experience with Rotunda Homes encompassed the design and building of an outdoor recreation room extension surrounding the pool. The structural workmanship was first rate and their overall effort to tie the extension into the look and feel of the existing structure was excellent.
My wife and I would be happy to discuss our experience with any prospective clients.  ~ Bill and Natasha

My name is Scott Slater and I would like to take a moment to tell any and every body of my experience with the folks at Rotunda Homes. Chris and Leanne are both wonderful and professional in every possible way. They care about their clients and their product in a way that I have not seen any where. I highly recommend Rotunda Homes to any one in need of a builder or general contractor. They are the best and I feel very fortunate to have met them. Sincerely,  ~ Scott Slater

Kudos to Rotunda Homes. We absolutely love everything! The pool bath and master slider are perfect! Our biggest commendations go to Chris and Lee Anne and the team. Their professionalism and work ethic are perfect!  ~The Mellors

With all the home builder horror stories, I can not even begin to express how blessed I have been in dealing with Chris and Leanne at Rotunda Homes. Not only did they source out to find me the best price on the most gorgeous wood floors, they completed structural room changes to provide a custom-built appearance, and completed all projects within the stated time frame. Rotunda Homes were totally professional and very honest with me…which in today’s milieu I find extremely refreshing. I would recommend their services to anyone interested in building a new home.      ~ Katherine R Rogers

We recently moved into our new home built by Rotunda Homes. To say we are extremely satisfied with all aspects of the construction, from design to quality to supervision of the project, would be an understatement. Initially, we had several extenuating circumstances that had nothing to do with Rotunda, yet they accommodated our every need. They stayed on top of their subs and the inspectors and went to our site daily. They were very flexible as we worked the inevitable mid-project adjustments. They initiated communications with us at every turn and responded to our questions almost instantaneously. They have great relationships with their subs – it’s evident that the subs value that relationship and work hard to please. They know their way around the permitting process and other “paperwork” aspects of the job. They also worked well with our bank to ensure the inspection/draw process went smoothly. Most important, we had no budget surprises. Of course, we had to do our homework up front but together with Rotunda we worked up a detailed pre-construction plan and they executed it well.
This was our first attempt at home construction. Everyone said it would be a difficult, frustrating experience. We can only say that it was actually quite easy – and we attribute that to Chris, Leanne and all the people associated with Rotunda Homes.  Feel free to give us a call if you are considering building with Rotunda. ~ Jim & Wanda Lowry 352-521-3855

We wanted to thank Rotunda Homes for their efficiency and a job well done. We very much appreciate all of your help. We wanted to compliment you for that. We are very happy and content with our new home. We wanted to thank you very much for giving us this opportunity.  ~ Anthony and Gloria Walcott

Our experience with Rotunda Homes Inc. has been positive since the onset. Initially it began by going to several locations to view houses built by Rotunda Homes Inc. We fell in love with the Saint Carole floor plan. It was perfect for our budget. However, we needed to modify it because we had special needs. Rotunda Homes Inc. had no problems added to the original floor plan design. Rotunda did not hesitate to provide for us the necessary changes in design and upgrades. It has been our pleasure dealing with the professional people there like the Sales Representative, the Design Project Manager, office personnel and owner. As all ready stated, we changed the floor plan and added many upgrades that were available to us at minimal cost. We were able to be there on site to enjoy and observe the different stages of construction. There were delays, but our dream house was completed on schedule. We made friends with Rotunda’s staff. Rotunda Homes Inc. builder has guaranteed his work by giving us a one-year warranty. We feel that our house is well constructed and aesthetic to the neighborhood and our friends. Well-done Rotunda Homes Inc. ~ Robert and Janet Purcell

We want to thank you for the excellent design and solid structure of our new home. The quality of construction, workmanship, follow-through and the service exceeded our expectations. Our questions never went unanswered. The house contains many impressive architectural touches. We would recommend Rotunda Homes to anyone. ~ Regina and Vincent Spadafora